Microfinance Meets Pandemic: Two Years Later, Two Years From Now

***Please note that this webinar will now take place at 10:30am ET rather than 9am ET as in the original email***

Two years ago we hosted a faiVLive on “the gathering storm” of the pandemic and the crisis it presented for low-income households and the MFI industry. It’s clear now the industry has endured the storm better than many (or at least Tim) expected.

In this edition of the faiVLive, we’ll look back at the last two years, where predictions and concerns were wrong and right, how the industry has weathered the storm, and what challenges remain. We’ll have an interactive discussion including members of the Sentinel Project team who have been tracking the impact of the pandemic on key MFIs since June 2020. We’ll look at how MFIs have risen to the challenge of the pandemic, but also the big questions about what comes next.

We’ll dig into what MFIs, funders, investors and regulators need to do now to ensure the continued vibrancy and relevance of microfinance.

Tim Ogden, managing director, FAI
Dwijaraj Bhattacharya, Research Manager, Dvara Research
Barbara Magnoni, President, EAC Global
Kasia Pawlak, CEO, Microfinance Centre
Dan Rozas, Senior Microfinance Expert, e-MFP, FAI Affiliate

Time: 10:30 AM in Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Location: Virtual

Date: Tuesday, June 7, 2022