Modelo Peru: The World’s First Interoperable Shared Mobile Payments Platform

You’ll join a live webinar, organized by the United Nations-based Better Than Cash Alliance, with key players behind the launch of Peru’s new mobile wallet. “Bim” is the first product of Modelo Perú, which plans to bring digital payments to five million Peruvians over the next five years.

The webinar will reveal the real innovation behind Modelo Perú: how 34 of the country’s largest financial institutions came together to develop a new shared payments platform to foster financial inclusion. Accessible nationwide, “Bim” can be used through the existing correspondent agent locations of member banks and across all the country’s major telecommunications networks.

– What can other countries learn about private sector collaboration to build national infrastructure? What’s in it for big and small banks?
– Why is the government supporting the initiative? How are citizens benefiting?
– What’s required to achieve scale?

Location: Webinar

Date: Wednesday, April 13, 2016