Money 20/20 Europe

You come to hear what will drive the industry before it hits the industry. We facilitate three days of networking-rich opportunities and bring together the most brilliant minds to deliver the next frontier of Financial Services.

You’re not here to learn what has happened in the past; you’re here to be part of what happens next.

You’ll leave Amsterdam with a plan: a roadmap to get your company from business-as-usual to the cutting edge. Our show gives you access to transformative new ideas and emerging technologies that will provide the inspiration for your next innovation.

Forget the awkward approach: at Money20/20 the ice comes pre-broken. You’ll walk onto a level playing field where everyone from the most game-changing startup to the biggest multinational comes for the same three things: to learn, to network and to get business done.

Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Dates: June 3, 2019 - June 5, 2019