Monthly Casa Agri-Business Breakthrough Webinars

Monthly CASA Agri-Business Breakthrough Webinars

About this Event

This series of webinars will feature evidence and analysis by the CASA programme and partners to support the commercialisation of agriculture in emerging markets across the developing world. The series is aimed at investors, investor supporting institutions and a range of groups that have a direct impact on the investor climate for agri-business. The topics and design of the series will: showcase solutions to the most common challenges in agri-business for inclusive growth and support investment facilitation in agriculture in emerging markets.

The Details

Each webinar will last one hour and take place on the last Wednesday of the month until 2024. The webinar will typically feature a combination of researchers and agri-business experts. Crucially, discussion will focus on actionable take-aways (‘breakthroughs’) for audience and panellists. The series will start with an extended focus on building better following the damage wrought by COVID-19.

The next webinar – 27 January 2021

The under-served middle in agriculture investing – What is it and why does it matter?

This webinar debates the impact potential of investing in the “under-served middle” versus investing in larger and better established agribusinesses, often referred to as elephants (read CASA’s paper on “Bridging demand and supply”). The discussion will feature the CASA research brief: The Underserved Middle: Defining excluded enterprises in agricultural value chains. Reflecting on financing gaps and needs, the discussion will draw on published data and market analysis to provide clarity to the investor community and their financing partners on opportunities for investing in SME agribusinesses sourcing from smallholder farmers.

Panellists include Louise Fox (Ex-Chief Economist, World Bank and USAID), Brian Milder (Founder and CEO, Aceli Africa), and Mat Hague (Research Technical Adviser, CASA).

Login details will be emailed out to registered attendees a few hours before each webinar.

Time: 7:00 AM – 8:00 AM EST

Location: Virtual

Date: Wednesday, January 27, 2021