Oxford Business Poverty Conference 2016

The Oxford Business Poverty Conference is being co-hosted by Business Fights Poverty on 4 and 5 July, bringing together hundreds of experts and practitioners to focus on business, social impact and growth. Speakers will address topics as diverse as the social impact of supply chains; how impact investment can bring new resources to create jobs and fight poverty; and the role of educational institutions in interrupting cycles of poverty. Eighty-one speakers will fill these two full days of sessions and participants will be able to eat dinner at two of Oxford’s finest colleges.  A special feature of this conference is that lunch sessions are set up so that participants can talk and plan in small groups about what can be done to address issues of poverty through business.

Attendance is free. Delegates are asked to cover the costs of the lunches and dinners, which include the opportunity to dine at two of Oxford’s prestigious colleges.


Location: Oxford, United Kingdom

Dates: July 4, 2016 - July 5, 2016