Positive Impact Summit 2017

Introducing ‘Positive Impact’ – The intentional creation and measurement of enduring social and economic value.

Strategies and Solutions for Enduring Social and Economic Benefit
Organisations around the world have made strides towards sustainable growth and social contribution. However, many of these organisations, and donors, struggle to measure that contribution and to put the good work done into a long-term growth strategy. Organisations that will succeed in the 21st century will be those that are able to successfully integrate and execute social impact within their overall strategies. It is not only about an economic dividend anymore, it is about Positive Impact. Palladium’s 2017 Summit—Shaping the Future through Positive Impact—will examine a new framework to effectively integrate social and economic value through identification, execution and measurement of the partnerships and strategies required to add lasting value to your organisation.Formulating Strategies and Implementing Solutions for Enduring Social and Economic Benefit.

Location: London, UK

Dates: March 21, 2017 - March 22, 2017