Reimagining Surveys in the ‘Making Sense of Data’

People have written obituaries about many other products at different times in history, and ’email’ was one of them. When Slack was first introduced, many thought this would result in the death of email. But you are reading an email as we speak! Now, the same sentiment is about surveys. Survey fatigue is widespread, and there’s a prevailing sentiment that no one cares about surveys. Surveys often get a sigh and an eye-roll. They seem like endless questions that no one wants to answer. However, our data tells us that surveys remain the primary source of impact data collection. People provide survey data when organizations convince them that they care about them. Our retort: Why not make the good old survey our friend by designing the best possible data collection strategy? In this webinar, we discuss making surveys delightful for the survey takers while making them helpful and easy to derive insights. After all, the survey aims to get insights for an organization to improve lives. Topics we will cover in the webinar are, 1. How to design appropriately sized surveys 2. What questions to ask and particularly in what formats 3. How to leverage open-ended feedback 4. Uniquely identifying stakeholders is paramount for accurate data analytics and techniques to solve this elegantly. 5. Introduction to solving challenges of doing longitudinal (pre-post) analysis. Let us work together towards our common goal, making sense of stakeholder data!

Time: 9:00 AM PST | 12:00 PM ET

Location: Virtual

Date: Tuesday, January 30, 2024