Sankalp Southeast Asia Summit 2015

Southeast Asia is among the fastest growing emerging markets after China and India, and ahead of Brazil and Russia. One of the crucial growth drivers in Southeast Asia has been a focus on entrepreneurship development and innovation. A continued impetus to supporting entrepreneurship and innovation is pivotal to the sustained growth and development of Southeast Asia. The region presents a tremendous opportunity for market based approaches to address social developmental challenges.

Join us at the inaugural Sankalp Southeast Asia Summit in Jakarta as we put the spotlight on the region as “The Next Frontier of Innovation and Entrepreneurship for Impact”. The Summit will focus on developing an effective India-Africa-Southeast Asia knowledge and innovation corridor. By bringing together various stakeholders and conversations, the Summit will help create a more collaborative ecosystem for social entrepreneurs, while showcasing and identifying drivers to create innovative impact businesses.

Location: Jakarta, Indonesia

Dates: November 19, 2015 - November 21, 2015