Scale through SCALE

The ANDE East and Southeast Asia Chapter in partnership with Sustainability & Entrepreneurship Center, Sasin School of Management cordially invite entrepreneur support organizations (ESOs), incubators, accelerators and funders to our “Scale through SCALE” workshop. This workshop aims to disseminate a set of evidence-based considerations emerged from the research of the Argidius Foundation that distinguishes the cost-effective and impactful Business Development Services (BDS) programs from the less effective ones. The workshop will also showcase a set of associated tools and resources that ESOs can utilize to maximize their impact. Participants will have an opportunity to hear the real practices from a panel discussion and have in-depth discussions with other BDS peers how the methodology applies to their specific segment of the ecosystem.

This workshop is open to all and is free of charge. Priority will be given to business development providers (incubators , accelerators, universities etc.) and funders.

*All sessions will be conducted in English.

Register to join before 19 May 2023! 

As we have limited spaces available, we welcome up to two participants per organization to our event. We would like to make sure that our workshop is available to as many of our key ecosystem players as possible.

Please contact Pasiwat if you have any questions about the event.

Time: 8:30-13:30 / 9:30 PM – 2:30 AM


Date: Wednesday, May 24, 2023