Small Merchants, Big Opportunities Launch

More than 180 million small merchants operate in developing and emerging markets around the world, conducting financial transactions worth an estimated US $6.5 trillion per year and interacting with more than 4.5 billion customers every day. These merchants have the potential to jumpstart the growth of a cashless ecosystem, but current digital payment systems are not a good deal for small merchants, and nor are their benefits readily apparent.

Micro and small merchants represent two key untapped opportunities: 1) a path to financial inclusion, and 2) a commercial market for financial service providers. How can we unlock both opportunities?

Join Visa, Dalberg Global Development Advisors, and the Global Development Incubator for a breakfast session where we will announce a new report that explores this question and more, drawing on interviews with more than 400 merchants and dozens of key financial stakeholders.

Location: Washington, DC

Date: Wednesday, November 2, 2016