SOCAP convenes the most engaged and diverse impact investing community in the world. For more than 15 years, the SOCAP conference has been the flagship event and leading convener in the impact economy, gathering more than 100,000 people since our first event. This is the largest, action-oriented gathering where investors, entrepreneurs, and social impact leaders come together to accelerate progress against the world’s toughest challenges through market-based solutions.

SOCAP23 will be back at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts (YBCA) in San Francisco, Oct. 23 – 25! Unlike any other conference in impact, SOCAP convenes the whole ecosystem of impact to catalyze investable and profitable businesses and industries that can solve the greatest challenges of our time. We invite changemakers from every sector and across the globe who are ready to dig in to help drive urgent change for people and the planet.

We chose YBCA for many reasons, including its accessibility. The center is located in the heart of San Francisco in close proximity to hotels, restaurants, and dozens of cultural attractions. Nearby public transportation makes it easy to get around and take advantage of extending conversations over nearby lunch or dinner.

The Theme for SOCAP23 — Facing Urgency: Impact at the Speed of Trust

We must face the challenges of our time with urgent action and solutions. Trust is essential for catalyzing impactful solutions — when people trust each other, they are more likely to collaborate, share information, and take risks. When you build trust, you create a foundation for collaboration and cooperation. This leads to more innovative and effective solutions.

At SOCAP, we convene to accelerate the speed of trust. We orchestrate discovery, facilitate serendipity, and offer a platform for cross-learning. The theme for SOCAP23 propels our community to work together, collaborate, and co-create as essential ingredients to rapidly create real impact.

SOCAP23 Tracks

Within our theme, we have identified nine content tracks around which we will organize our sessions:

  • Climate and Capital
  • Philanthropy as Catalytic Capital
  • Impact Measurement and Management
  • Gender Lens Investing
  • Full Spectrum DEI
  • Community and Economic Development
  • Well-Being for Impact
  • Value Chain Investment
  • Social Entrepreneurship

Attendees will also be able to follow content based on regional focus tracks:

  • Latin America
  • Asia
  • Africa

Learn more about the SOCAP23 theme and tracks.

SOCAP23 Content Curation Process

We take the curation process seriously — it goes beyond selecting and organizing quality presenters and topics. We want our attendees to be a part of the session, a part of the takeaways that build a better future and help advance our community’s global mission.

This year, we have evolved our curation process, moving toward a distributed approach to building our conference programming. Along with those selected through SOCAP Open and co-created with our partners, the sessions within each content track for SOCAP23 are curated by our Content Curation Councils, populated by more than 36 experts from around the world working closely with our content and production teams.

The Councils are tasked with identifying the set of sessions that will guide the conference conversations along each track. Each track and each session is the result of a months-long process, designed to present a SOCAP23 experience that helps our community accelerate relationships, break down silos, and identify gaps — then bridge them.

Learn more about the SOCAP23 Content Curation Councils and process.

What to Expect at SOCAP23


SOCAP23 General 3-Day Schedule

We are actively putting together the SOCAP23 sessions and full agenda — below is an overview of the schedule for each day so you can plan your travel and hotel accommodations. This year, for the first time, we will be opening SOCAP on Monday morning and closing on Wednesday evening. The “track-specific sessions” will be broken up into multiple breakout sessions and tracks within the listed time blocks. And, get ready to celebrate at the closing party, with live music, food, drinks, and great community!

The SOCAP23 content and schedule will feature interactive content and networking opportunities. Attendees will have ample time to focus on the issues that matter most. We’ll have big conversations inviting us to ask different questions and tactical conversations that open space for the wisdom of the crowd. We look forward to releasing more details this summer — stay tuned.

Location: San Francisco

Dates: October 23, 2023 - October 25, 2023