Social Contact in Divided Societies: Emerging Insights and Implications for Practice

Can contact between groups reduce discrimination and prejudice, and build social cohesion? Rebuilding social ties in divided societies is a core aim of much peacebuilding and development programming. Programs that aim to reduce prejudice through contact with other groups have built on decades of social psychology research on prejudice reduction, which suggests that contact between divided groups can effectively contribute to prejudice reduction and social integration.

This webinar will share emerging insights from two studies in India and Iraq, funded by IPA and J-PAL’s joint Governance, Crime, and Conflict Initiative (GCCI), which together shed light on the ways in which contact with other groups may reduce prejudice, and the ways it may not. Danjuma Dawop from Mercy Corps Iraq will additionally discuss the implications of this new research for programming and practice, particularly in conflict-affected contexts. A 10-minute Q&A will follow the presentations.

Location: Virtual

Date: Wednesday, November 18, 2020