Social Enterprise Conference 2016

Social Enterprise Conference 2016 was created to demonstrate the power of the social enterprise model, inspire change, and support one another through the facilitation of thoughts, passions and industry best practices. We want to elevate the social enterprise community in South Florida by creating a network of leaders who are committed to impact, change, and higher meaning in their organizations.

Our vision is for South Florida to join the global movement of businesses who exist to use profits to empower people, protect natural environments, and create a triple bottom line legacy.

Given current trends, you must attend this conference or risk being left in the dust. Millenials and Gen Zers demand brand differentiation based on social impact and Nielsen has published studies showing that consumers do spend more for products made by companies in the space. Come to this conference to learn best practices on how to keep your business relevant to today’s consumers and tomorrow’s influencers.

We will have discussions on the state of business in South Florida, addiction, impact investing, real estate, legal work, startups, and non-profit work. Come meet the celebrity business people participating and fill your professional network with local change makers today!

Location: Palm Beach, Florida

Date: Saturday, March 12, 2016