Sorenson Impact Summit

The Sorenson Impact Summit is an annual curated convening of the top changemakers in global impact investing where transformative ideas meet actionable opportunities in a unique, breathtaking, all-inclusive environment. Our goal is to expand the marketplace for impact solutions and truly achieve impact’s intended promise of an equitable and prosperous future.

The Sorenson Impact Summit is an annual convening of global impact leaders, innovators, and practitioners high in the mountains of Utah to find solutions to some of the world’s most pressing challenges. Together, we work to inspire and put into action paradigm-shifting ideas that can help move us from simply sustaining to truly thriving.The theme for the 2024 Summit invites us to think beyond a net-zero mindset toward creating a future of truly regenerative, equitable, and thriving ecosystems for people and our planet.

While we invest in urgent environmental and social solutions today, what can regeneration in finance, education, agriculture, real estate, healthcare, the workplace, or energy look like tomorrow? How can we build prosperous and empowered communities that create and continuously invest in a world in which we all want to live?

With a unique design centered on guests as speakers and participants, specific topics will derive from the work, vision, and inspiring innovations of the people and expertise in the room. As a group, we aim to inspire outcomes that move us well beyond the status quo of impact, beyond ESG, and beyond even achieving the UN SDGs.

Location: Park City, Utah

Dates: June 5, 2024 - June 8, 2024