Summer Regenerative Agriculture Investor Soirée with LIFT Economy

Join us for our fourth quarterly convening – this time in NYC!

Connect, network, and share ecological insights with like-minded investors, philanthropists and entrepreneurs focused on moving beyond “sustainable” to focus on investments in agricultural enterprises that are truly regenerative.

These quarterly gatherings are intended to increase our shared literacy, understanding of deal flow, and quality of relationships for working together. How do we capture the carbon farming potential of restoring and enhancing ecosystem and soil health while providing food, fiber and other human material needs? Through open networking and light facilitation we will make sure you come away with a clearer understanding of the opportunities within regenerative, climate-beneficial agriculture and land use projects. This soiree is sure to delight your senses, your palate and your hope about the future of regenerative agriculture investment opportunities

Location: New York, NY

Date: Monday, June 19, 2017