SVI Impact Analyst Training

Purpose: Participants in this course will receive an introduction to social and environmental impact analysis – that is, how to understand impact through reporting about it that has been produced by others. Various fields – including accounting, economics, evaluation, finance, environmental science, social science and social entrepreneurship – have developed methods to help understand and account for the social and environmental impact of private business, investment, non-profit, and governmental activities. This course presents a framework for skilled impact analysis that contains practices and insights distilled from these fields.

Takeaways include:

  • Know what constitutes a sound analysis of impact
  • Understand, interpret, and critique information on the social and environmental impact of investments, grants and enterprises
  • Know what to ask for from providers of impact information

Audience: The course is designed to help those who make investments, grants or donations assess the social and environmental impact of the activities they fund through information about it that is reported to them.


  • Gain confidence in decisions about how to align time and money with values
  • Avoid falling prey to “greenwashing”
  • Reduce impact risk
  • Prepare for the SVI Certificate Exam in Skilled Analysis


Length: One-day course with materials to review before and after

Trainer: This training will be delivered by Sara Olsen, Vice President of Social Value US, methodology subcommittee co-chair of Social Value International, and founder of SVT Group.

Hosts: Third Sector Capital Partners 

Location: Boston, MA

Date: Wednesday, June 13, 2018