Take Action in Building a Gender-Empowered Financial System

Part of a Women-Focused SME in Asia or Africa, with ambitious plans to unlock capital for your business? Find out if you make the cut at the Orange Bond Initiative™ webinar and be part of the next game-changing Orange Bond. WLB6 is part of the WLB Series, which has a proven record of mobilizing US$128 million with zero defaults, positively impacting over 1.3 million women across Asia-Pacific and Africa, and working at an intersection of gender equality and climate action. Enterprises that have been part of our previous issuances have enjoyed accelerated growth and global brand recognition through the bond series. Seize your chance to be a part of a transformational movement, geared at creating a more equitable financial system.
Time: 12:00 AM

Location: Virtual

Date: Wednesday, May 3, 2023