`Innovate to Transform’

TCTD Symposium 2018 is the first annual conclave hosted by Tata Centre for Technology and Design (TCTD) at IIT Bombay, to showcase the technological solutions, ongoing interdisciplinary collaborations, institute-industry work agreements, joint projects with the faculty members from IIT Bombay and its sister centre MIT, USA, and the Tata Fellows’ engagement with the projects.

The theme of the symposium – `Innovate to Transform’ – is expected to take on the challenges that academic institutions and stakeholders face in driving social innovation for better impact. Talks by experts, panel discussions, lightning presentations and discussions by faculty members and researchers from both IIT Bombay and MIT, USA, associated with Tata Centre, and poster presentations by the Tata Fellows are on the agenda. Projects from the water, healthcare, food & agriculture, waste management, energy and education domains will be presented.

Location: Bombay

Dates: January 17, 2018 - January 18, 2018