TEDMED 2016: What if?

Tough-minded skeptics and visionary dreamers agree on one thing: if we are going to change our world for the better, we must first imagine new possibilities.

As children, we’re encouraged to ask questions and dream big. But, as we become adults, our imagination is tamed by perceived practicality and social conformity. What if we let ourselves ask creative questions again? Where might our search for answers lead?

TEDMED 2016 is about asking questions, the importance of conversation and dreaming big–it’s about imagining the possibilities that motivate progress in health and medicine. It can be summed up in two simple but powerful words: “What if?”

Join us this November 30–December 2 in Palm Springs, CA, as we explore provocative and inspiring questions and discussions that drive us toward a healthier world.

Location: Palm Springs, CA

Dates: November 30, 2016 - December 2, 2016