The Climate Story in 2024

To cover climate change well in 2024, journalists need clarity on the most significant forces affecting the world’s ability to address the climate emergency in time. Among them: the biggest election year in history in which roughly 4 billion people have the chance to vote; key factors hindering a phaseout of fossil fuels and expansion of green energy; and the dangers of proliferating disinformation. Join us on Tuesday, January 30, at 12pm US Eastern Time for a one-hour press briefing on the climate story in 2024. Our expert panelists will be Mustafa Santiago Ali of National Wildlife Federation; journalist and activist, Bill McKibben; and Critical Frequency executive editor and co-founder, Amy Westervelt. CCNow’s executive director, Mark Hertsgaard, will moderate.
Time: 12pm US ET

Location: Virtual

Date: Tuesday, January 30, 2024