The Economist’s Investing for Impact: Leading for the long haul?

If some still view investing for impact as a vanity project, others are determined to make it a central part of the investment world. They see the possibility and practicality of ingraining intention and expertise on doing well by doing good into various lines of businesses. The third annual Investing for Impact event will analyse:

  • Where the worlds of corporate bosses and seasoned impact investors align and where they collide
  • The possibility of making every investment an impact investment
  • The realities for leaders of funds, companies and NGOs alongside the rise of impact investing
  • Impact investing spin vs substance
  • The varying meanings of purpose for companies and investors

Join editors from The Economist and the world’s premier financial institutions, wealthiest families, largest companies, most innovative startups and most influential foundations to analyse the rise of impact investing to the top of the leadership agenda.

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Location: New York City

Date: Tuesday, February 12, 2019