The Exchange 2020: Unifying Leadership

Presented by The Social Impact Exchange & Morgan Stanely.

This year has laid bare the truth and consequences of leadership in all forms, interpreted in many different ways. What do we mean when we talk about leadership? And what sort of leadership do we need right now? In this year of existential issues—a growing imperative to achieve racial equity, coping with a global pandemic, addressing an emerging recession, and perhaps the most consequential U.S. presidential election of our lifetimes—we need leaders who can bring us together to achieve true systems change.

The Exchange 2020 offers funders of all types and leaders from the nonprofit, corporate, and public sectors, two full days of thought-provoking and inspiring conversations and tangible solutions that consider unifying leadership as a key that will help us unlock doorways to addressing a series of critical challenges:

  • Racial inequity
  • Philanthropy’s moment of truth – how can the field act now to transform society?
  • The future of capitalism
  • Health and climate change – a global threat
  • Recovery, resilience, and transformation in the wake of COVID-19
  • Equitable financing of education, economic development and health

Space is limited; register today!

Location: Virtual

Dates: September 23, 2020 - September 24, 2020