The Mushroom-Derived Food Products That Bring Carnivores & Environmentalists To The Table

Join us on May 15th as we dive into the world of mushroom mycelium and its environmental impact with Shalom Daniel, CEO & co Founder at Mush Foods, and John Holliday, Founder of Mushroom Consulting with 48 years’ experience in fungal cultivation technology. ____ The United Nations Sustainable Development Goal #2 is ending hunger within a sustainable agricultural system by 2030. Mushrooms might just be part of the solution to get us there. The plat du jour is called mycelium, which is the vegetative growth form of filamentous fungi. It’s nutritious, it grows fast, it’s scalable and environmentally sustainable, and it’s affordable. What’s not to like? Besides the gustative aspect of mycelium, such plant-based foods have a large potential for reducing the water and GHG footprints of one of the most high-emitting industries (animal agriculture is estimated to be between 14.5% and 19.5% of the world’s GHG emissions). The table keeps getting bigger and consumer interest is rising, with some studies forecasting that by 2040, 69% of global consumers aged 16-40 plan on making plant-based foods and dairy substitutes part of their diet. As restaurants and fast-foods put it on the menu, investors don’t want to miss out on the feast. Register for the webinar today!

Location: Virtual

Date: Wednesday, May 15, 2024