The New Mobility Lab – Unlock Bengaluru 2018

WRI India Ross Centre, in partnership with FedEx, Shell Foundation, and Toyota Mobility Foundation, invite you to participate in the New Mobility Lab at Unlock Bengaluru 2018.

The New Mobility Lab includes a mobility walk-through – a unique opportunity for a select set of enterprises to demonstrate their innovative mobility solutions to a high-profile group, that will include government officials, transport experts, corporates, and investors.

The mobility walk-through has been designed as a forum to facilitate a deeper understanding of innovation in the urban mobility space, linkages to real-world requirements, and an exploration of potential avenues for collaboration.

In addition, there will be a masterclass and a panel discussion for mobility enterprises facilitated by leading experts in the field.

Who can apply?

Start-ups and enterprises in the mobility space that fulfil the following criteria can apply to reserve a place at the event:

1. Enterprises with models that address urban transport requirements operating within any of the following themes:

  • Shared Mobility
  • Electric Mobility
  • Safety and Security
  • Information and Payments
  • Internet of Things

2. Enterprises that have a working product or service or solution in one or more cities with a recurring customer base.

3. Enterprises with capabilities to experiment localised solutions with city authorities.

You will have the opportunity to:

    • Quick-fire pitch to over 200 stakeholders including government officials, corporates, investors and media houses from across the country.
    • Interact with thought leaders and experts from within the global mobility ecosystem
    • Publicise your brand and solution, and gain from WRI India’s event outreach and communications

WRI India will select a limited number of enterprises based on qualification criteria and relevance of the product or solution. WRI India reserves the right to reject applications, and no enquiries or complaints will be accepted or entertained once a decision has been made.

View the agenda and more information here. Follow #UnlockBLR on social media for updates on the event.

Location: Bengaluru, India

Date: Saturday, July 21, 2018