Trade after Brexit: Global Britain and developing countries

Trade is a vital driving force for growth and poverty reduction in poor countries. It has the potential to turn the tide on human development and build prosperous, stable democracies so they no longer require external aid support. The UK has already recognised the huge potential of trade and has prioritised it in its international post-Brexit approach. However, many of the poorest countries in the world still face significant barriers to their ability to trade and are therefore unable to secure vital progress for their people.

As the UK reshapes its trade policy in light of Brexit, this is a critical time to examine the opportunities for the UK to support its existing and new developing countries partners to trade more and trade better. Crucially, this includes putting the interests of the poorest countries at the heart of all trade negotiations, amplifying their voices on an international stage and rejecting emerging protectionist trends. Taking an ambitious, ‘gold standard’ approach will deliver ‘win-wins’ for both poor countries and the UK.

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Location: Manchester, UK

Date: Monday, October 2, 2017