Transforming the African Power Sector for a Sustainable Tomorrow​

Africa Energy Expo features have been carefully designed to bring together experienced industry members and high-level stakeholders to help shape the industry’s responses to a new reality and highlight pathways to a successful future.

Abundant natural resources and environmental advantages have long indicated Africa’s potential as a global leader in energy expansion. Now, opportunities for power-generating capacity and renewables are paving a viable course towards widespread energy accessibility for African nations. As domestic and international stakeholders recognize unique possibilities beyond the challenges, investment opportunities are gaining pace.

Africa Energy Expo is the central meeting place for Pan-African public and private networks and international suppliers and investors to meet, trade and set progress in motion.

Supporting COP 27 Africa climate pledges and Africa Power Vision, a continent-wide movement towards achieving reliable and affordable energy access for all; the event gives country stakeholders a chance to reach beyond their borders and collaborate across much-needed energy infrastructure solutions that benefit the whole.

Location: Kigali, Rwanda

Dates: November 4, 2024 - November 6, 2024