Unleashing Export Opportunities With on-Farm Pre-Cooling and Cold Chain

Pre-cooling and first-mile cold chain infrastructure enable fruits and vegetable-exporting agribusinesses to secure trading of highly sensitive fresh products. It allows high quality and extended shelf life, while also increasing profit by optimizing logistics, such as accessing sea freight, which takes more time but significantly lowers costs.

The webinar will provide a rich discussion about pre-cooling and cold chain of sensitive crops, nurturing the discussion by featuring the case of an agribusiness in Zimbabwe and their trade partners. In 2019 the company acquired InspiraFarms technology for developing an on-farm pack-house with cold storage, pre-coolers and a finished product cold room, expected to store 200 mt annually of export quality beans and berries to Europe and to other regions.

The company has experienced positive impacts in product quality, reduction of shrinkage and increased shelf-life that has allowed them to not be limited to air-freight, by integrating sea-freight in their trade logistics, with positive impacts on operational costs as well.

Time: 5:00 PM in Nairobi / 10:00 AM EDT

Location: Virtual

Date: Thursday, October 22, 2020