Unlocking Resources for Climate Resilience Through Private Sector Partnerships

Costs for climate adaptation are predicted to surge from about $70 billion per year to as much as $500 billion by 2050. Even though spending on climate adaptation has increased substantially in recent years, it is being outpaced by the rising burden placed on communities.

Countries and regions across the globe urgently need to build and invest in climate resilience, yet they often lack the necessary resources. While the public sector will remain key in building resilient societies that can manage the growing threats of climate change, there is also an urgent need to stimulate investment and activity from the private sector. Less than 2% of the $30 billion invested globally in climate adaptation comes from private sources, suggesting an unparalleled opportunity to unlock funding.

Both local and international actors in the private sector have important roles to play — not only when it comes to boosting resilience in general, but also for protecting themselves and local economies against climate impacts.

This event, hosted by Devex in partnership with RTI International, will look at how partnerships with actors from both local and global private sectors can unlock urgently needed funds and resources for climate resilience, and how the various parties can best work together to build a sustainable and resilient future.

Time: 9 a.m. ET | 3 p.m. CET

Location: Virtual

Date: Monday, November 8, 2021