USAID Climate Strategy Launch

Climatelinks will host a series of webinars to raise awareness about key aspects of the new USAID Climate Strategy and begin to answer the question for practitioners, “How does this strategy affect my day-to-day work?” We also want to gather questions from USAID Staff and Implementing Partner Staff about the Strategy.

This webinar series will kick off with three sessions offering a high-level overview of the new USAID Climate Strategy. The kick off sessions will be offered in three different time zones to accommodate climate practitioners around the world and feature speakers from various USAID missions.

The webinar on May 4, 2022, from 10 AM – 10:45 AM EDT, will feature:

  • Genevieve Maricle, USAID Senior Climate and Environment Advisor
  • Allison Brown, USAID Bureau of Conflict Prevention and Stabilization, Environmental Officer and Climate Integration Lead
  • A featured presentation from USAID/Mexico on how they plan to implement the Strategy
  • Time for Q&A

You’ll walk away from these webinars with…

  • Knowledge about key elements of the new Strategy
  • Stories of how USAID Missions and partners are putting the new Strategy into practice already
  • Answers to some of your questions about the Climate Strategy

These webinars will be open to the public, though their content will be geared towards USAID Missions and Implementing Partners.

Some frequently asked questions (FAQ) have already been answered! Explore the USAID Climate Strategy FAQ.

Location: Virtual

Date: Wednesday, May 4, 2022