Webinar: From Ebola to Covid-19: Universal Lessons for Crisis Communication

During the 2014 West Africa Ebola Epidemic, PCI Media’s award-winning #ISurivivedEbola Campaign reached 9.5 million people, increased prevention behaviors of 1.5 million and changed attitudes towards Ebola survivors for over 2 million.

Our work in global health emergencies has taught us a lot about how to engage people in crisis situations.

Please join us on Friday, May 8 2020 12pm EST for a one-hour, interactive webinar with Meesha Brown, President of PCI Media and producer of the #ISurvivedEbola campaign. Meesha will walk us through the Ebola campaign case study and share lessons learned for addressing the Covid-19 pandemic.

Location: Virtual

Date: Friday, May 8, 2020