Webinar: How can we prevent SDG washing?

Join us in an inspirational conversation with Ben Carpenter, CEO of Social Value International at (SVI) Social Value International. SVI is a network of networks, united by a shared mission to change the way the world accounts for value.

The UN’s Sustainable Development Goals Report from 2017 cites that “the rate of progress in many areas is far slower than needed to meet the targets by 2030,” flagging the urgency to accelerate action. While working hard towards achieving global goals, how can we prevent overclaiming?

Topics of discussion:
What is Sustainable Development Goals Washing?
Why is it essential to avoid SDG washing?
What is a good Impact Management practice for SDG alignment?
How to take actionable steps for longterm learning?
What role Social Value International and Impact Management Project play in preventing SDG washing?

Conversation between:
Ben Carpenter, CEO
Social Value UK
Social Value International


Unmesh Sheth
Founder and CEO

This program is a Live Webinar & Q&A that is accessible from any web-enabled computer or mobile device.

Location: Virtual

Date: Wednesday, April 8, 2020