Webinar: Inclusive Fintech: What We Learned from 400 Early-stage Companies

The Inclusive Fintech 50 initiative, funded by MetLife Foundation and Visa, with support from Accion and IFC, aims to make early-stage fintechs more visible to investors and others who can help them scale and reach more underserved people. Launched earlier this year and implemented by MIX, the competition attracted eligible applications from 400 early-stage fintechs driving financial inclusion. In this webinar, the team behind the global initiative will share key insights generated from an analysis of the applicant data including (1) How funding is concentrated in several important ways, (2) why measuring inclusivity is highly contextual, (3) that innovation is not limited to technology, and (4) why greater alignment on definitions and KPIs will help improve assessments of inclusive fintech. The webinar can help investors, policy makers, and fintechs form a deeper understanding of the rapidly evolving space.

Location: Virtual

Date: Thursday, October 3, 2019