Webinar: Opportunities & Challenges in Serving Refugee Communities in West Nile, Uganda

With large numbers of vulnerable refugees fleeing unrest in their countries and settling in refugee camps, providing economic opportunities is essential for communities to survive. VisionFund International along with its local microfinance institution, VisionFund Uganda, and other partners recently completed an assessment of the savings and lending activity in Uganda’s West Nile region to determine the viability of providing financial services to these community groups. The assessment reviewed the primary sources of income and livelihood activities, and the opportunities and challenges the population faced.

Join speaker Martina Crailsheim, Refugee Microfinance Manager of VisionFund International, as she presents the assessment results and business opportunities in West Nile that merit providing financial services to the host population and refugees, especially in those areas where there is currently limited or no presence of formal financial institutions.

Location: Online

Date: Tuesday, June 18, 2019