Webinar: Using Data to Better Understand Smallholder Farmers

Not all smallholder farmers are the same. How can we gather meaningful information to understand the unique experiences of smallholder farmers and the specific challenges and barriers they face to increasing their income and resiliency?

Join a diverse group of practitioners in a virtual bonfire chat about leveraging data to better understand, benefit and serve smallholder farmers. We will be joined by a number of discussants, including:

Anthony Connor, Director of Partnerships, Dimagi
Brent Chism, CEO, Taroworks
Jennifer Himmelstein, Director of Corporate Analysis & Technical Assurance, ACDI/VOCA
Nick Ramsing, Technical Director, Market Systems, MEDA

Drawing insights from MEDA’s INNOVATE learning series, our discussion will explore questions including:

– How can we better understand the perceived value and intra-household decision-making dynamics of smallholder farmers from a data model perspective?
– What farm business data do we track? How do we employ a “lean” approach to collecting, storing and analyzing data?
– How do we effectively channel insights into the design of products and services to target smallholder farming households’ value proposition?

Location: Virtual

Date: Friday, January 24, 2020