Francisco Noguera

“Can we make money and be good? Really?”

Sounds like the kind of question that would lead someone to a site like, right? Well, it’s also one of the questions to be tackled during TED’s firstconference in India, coming up next November.

There’s little need to explain how exciting news it is that a venue like TED will be taking place in India this year. I’ve not had the opportunity to visit the country yet, but I feel likeknow it in many ways. Not only have I met incredible Indians over the last year and count some as friends, but I’m constantly following the vibrant social enterprise movement taking hold there. I look up to it as a place that Colombia and Latin America at large have lots to learn from and really look forward to spending some time there in the future.

I encourage NextBillion readers to get a feeling of what will be going on in TED India this coming November. Although the usual TED conferences seldom touch on the development-through-enterprise topic (amongst many, many others), the India version looks like one whose conversations will predominantly revolve around the issues we discuss here at NextBillion. Hence, I urge you to learn more about the opportunity to join this community through the TED Fellows Program. If you know someone that would make a good TEDster, encourage them to apply to this fantastic opportunity. (If you’re not 100% there yet, try the following: read Joy Sun’s great post about her experience in Long Beach earlier this year, watch the talk by NextBillion’s friend and TED Fellow Erik Hersman, and take a look at the TED Fellows blog).

We’ll continue to report as the speaking schedule of the conference takes shape and becomes public. Meanwhile, good luck writing your application or helping that someone you know complete hers. Here’s my modest contribution for you to get in the right state of mind before taking on the writing.