Joseph Njenga

Case Study: SC Johnson and Community Cleaning Services, Sustainable Sanitation in Kenya

In recent years, we have witnessed heightened interest in “reinventing the toilet”, or the development of new toilet technologies that are affordable and appropriate for low-income urban populations. This is a critical piece of meeting the urban sanitation challenge. However, in our experience, new technology and infrastructure is often employed without considering a plan for how these toilets will maintain sanitary conditions over the long run.

As the General Manager of Kenyan social micro franchise Community Cleaning Services (CCS), I am proud to announce the release of a new case study prepared by the World Business Council for Sustainable Development: SC Johnson & Community Cleaning Services: Delivering Sustainable Opportunities, Incomes and Improved Hygiene in Kenya. SC Johnson is a strategic partner and supplier to for CCS.

We at CCS view ourselves as a catalyst for a grassroots movement to raise toilet sanitation standards and community expectations. Our vision is to deliver a cleaner, safer option to families around the world who have no choice but to use unsanitary shared or public toilets, a population the World Health Organization estimates at 1.4 to 2.6 billion.

The CCS model tackles the “softer” issues of toilet management and maintenance with a solution that delivers significantly cleaner, more hygienic and more usable toilets at a cost low-income clients can afford (usually less than 20 US cents per family per week), while at the same time creating profitable business opportunities for young people from these very same communities.

We hope this case study helps to advance knowledge and understanding around sanitation issues that are crucial to improving the lives of low-income people around the world, as well as the development of a social enterprise to serve them. I welcome you to read the case study and hope you will offer your comments, questions and suggestions. And for more information about CCS, please visit our brand new website.

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