Dan Shine

NextThrillion: Daisy Alice Anderson, Future Blogger, Joins NextBillion Family

Hi Everyone,

I’m Dan Shine, communications manager at WDI and a colleague of Scott Anderson, NextBillion’s managing editor. Along with NextBillion Health Care’s editor James Militzer, I am piloting the NextBillion mothership while Scott takes some well-deserved and well-earned time off.

Now, about that time off. Since joining NextBillion as its full-time managing editor in 2010, Scott has overseen some major changes at the site. He was here when we launched NextBillion Brasil, was instrumental in instituting a redesign across all three sites, and guided the debut of NextBillion Health Care.

But he saved his best work for Feb. 11 – albeit in a supporting role. Scott and his wife Stella welcomed a precious daughter – Daisy Alice Anderson – into their lives. Daisy entered the world in the wee hours of the morning, tipping the scales at 7 pounds, 12 ounces. Both mom and baby are doing fine. (They never seem to ask how the father is doing, but since I’m a father thrice over I asked. He said he’s fine too.)

We wanted to share the joyous news with you, and I’m sure you all join us at WDI in congratulating Scott and Stella and giving Daisy a global “welcome to the world.”

Scott will be tied up with diaper duty for a while, but should return to the helm of NextBillion soon enough. In the interim, James and I will try not to mess things up, push the wrong buttons, or steer the mothership on the wrong course.

Thanks for being a part of NextBillion. Please keep reading, keep commenting, and if you have any feedback or ideas for articles let James (jamesmil@umich.edu) or me (danshine@umich.edu) know.