Rob Katz

Don’t Miss the Fast 50 Awards!

Fast 50As I looked over the Social Capitalist Award winners (again) this morning, I couldn’t help thinking about the Fast 50 Awards – also done by Fast Company.

While the Social Capitalist Awards include NGOs and charities that are using business strategies to make the world better, the Fast 50’s are a bit more stringent. No charities need apply – just businesses. We’ve written about this opportunity before, but I’ll urge anyone who’s working with or for a possible nominee to get their information submitted before December 1. The FC web site describes what they’re looking for:

We’re looking for profit-driven problem solvers–people and companies out to address the planet’s woes and make money at the same time. Tell us about yourself, someone you admire, or someone you work with. But make sure your nominee is using new strategies, new ideas, or new technologies to tackle issues like global warming, pollution, sustainability, access to healthcare, poverty, trade impact, child labor, and other concerns. No charities, please. We believe that business–capitalist business–is a profound force for positive change. Help us prove it.