Rob Katz

Don’t Wait for the Rain: Social Marketing for KickStart’s MoneyMaker

NextBillion ally Cat Laine – editor of the excellent AIDG blog – posted a fantastic social marketing video earlier this week that I just had the chance to look at today. Entitled Don’t Wait for the Rain, the video features Maasai rap artist Mr. Ebbo alongside actors portraying the MoneyMaker pump in action. It is a combination music video, advertisement and soap opera all rolled into one entertaining 5-minute package. It is not the first time Mr. Ebbo has signed onto a social or governmental cause.

I will embed it below, but if you can’t see the video, click here for the YouTube link: Don’t Wait for the Rain.

Lyrics are via the AIDG Blog – thanks Cat:

Hello Uncle!

“How can we go on farming if we can no longer depend on the rains?”
“Stop using old methods and buy a MoneyMaker pump.”

Don?t wait for the rain.
There’s a pump called MoneyMaker.
It’s the best tool to end poverty.

Stop complaining about rain shortages every day.
Nowadays the rains are no longer reliable.
Why wait for the rain when your crops are drying up?

It is better if we become smart and start irrigating.
Use MoneyMaker and you can live a better life.
MoneyMaker Pump is the best I can tell you
For pumping water from wells, rivers, and ponds.

It’s easy to use and it’s affordable.
It’s easy to carry and easy to repair.
It doesn?t need electricity or fuel.

There is no more poverty with Money Maker pumps.
Use MoneyMaker for farming, irrigation and gardens.
Use MoneyMaker for car washing.

Even pump water to fill reservoir tanks.
For watering and washing livestock.
Water pressure is enough to pump a long distance.

If you own a MoneyMaker pump what else do you need?
You will plant and harvest all year round.
Your poverty will end. You will be able to
Educate and feed your children,
and even save some money.

refrain (bis)

It’s such a good pump that other’s try to copy it.
So take care when you buy one.
Make sure it has a serial number and
it comes with a one year guarantee.

etc. etc.

For what it’s worth, this video was a HUGE hit in the Acumen Fund lunchroom today, where it was screened courtesy of NextBillion Staff Writer and fellow Acumen staffer Abigail Keene-Babcock.