Sara Standish

Emerging Market Private Equity Conference PPTs Available

Just a quick note for those of you who are interested in venture capital / private equity in emerging economies: IFC and EMPEA hosted the 8th Annual Global Private Equity Conference in Washington, DC last week. Three power points are available on EMPEA’s website that have some great quantitative info on sector trends. Take a close look at David Rubenstein’s presentation (Carlyle Group) on countries to watch (Argentina & Nigeria, anyone?). In addition, Rubenstein calls for an updated vernacular. I would be interested to know if you agree.

Also, the opinion polls that were highlighted by Michael Klein (IFC) present a window into public opinion of the role of the private sector in development. Complementing this, Sarah Alexander (EMPEA) notes the opinions of investors regarding the success (or failure) of their previous investments in emerging economies that clearly outlines the risk perception (and therefore the challenge) for new investments in emerging economies.