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  • Washington, DC - 1 Day
    September 12

    Impact Investing and Social Enterprise: New Developments, Challenges, and Opportunities for Nonprofits

    You have been hearing the terms “impact investing” and “social enterprise” much more frequently in recent years, and this is one of the hottest issues in the nonprofit sector right now.

    Impact investing—investments designed to produce both social benefits and financial returns—represents a dynamic way for nonprofits to further their mission while opening up funding opportunities from sources never before available. This trend has been fueled by opportunities to channel traditional investment capital into the nonprofit world. Facing potential funding cuts from federal, state, and local governments, as well as other challenges to traditional fundraising and sources of financial support, nonprofits are increasingly forced to diversify their revenue generation to achieve their goals.

    But what does impact investing actually entail? In fact, a lot of different things—all under the “impact investing” heading. Some of it does not relate to nonprofit at all. But in this program, we will focus on the issues solely from the perspective of nonprofit organizations.

    While most nonprofits have not even dipped their toe into the impact investing space, some have—including the organizations represented by our panelists—and we will discuss the wide range of cutting-edge activities being undertaken by some very innovative nonprofits. We also will discuss the ways in which a nonprofit taking on investors is a major step, one that can require a number of significant changes to the way your organization operates. But many forward-looking nonprofits have recognized that being committed to their mission does not mean having to be wedded to traditional business models.

    Nonprofits offer a great opportunity for impact investors and social enterprises to generate significant benefits and results with proven, scaled, and skilled organizations that can leverage this capital and social enterprise opportunities to fulfill their missions. A number of nonprofits have already begun using for-profit practices for social good.

    In this program, our panelists will discuss the leading characteristics and models of impact investments from the nonprofit perspective, legal issues relating to impact investing (including approaches to tax-related challenges such as “private benefit”), and developments in the impact space. We will explore the pros, cons, and considerations that need to be taken into account in structuring new investment vehicles and separate legal structures, as well as the key federal tax-exemption, securities law, liability, and other legal, tax, and regulatory concerns that make this area so complex and risky for nonprofits.

    With a panel of three of the leading experts in the space—and their own organizations’ rich experiences to draw from—this is one program you will not want to miss.

    12:00 p.m. – 12:30 p.m. ET – Networking Luncheon
    12:30 p.m. – 2:00 p.m. ET – Program/Video Webinar

    Jeffrey S. Tenenbaum, Esq., Partner and Chair of the Nonprofit Organizations Practice, Venable LLP

    Kamil Cook, Associate General Counsel, Corporate Services, The Nature Conservancy
    Javeed Froozan, Vice President, Research Business Development & Strategic Alliances, The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society
    Tracy Kartye, Director, Social Investments, The Annie E. Casey Foundatio

  • Bangalore, India - 1 Day
    August 7

    An Evening with Kiran Mazumdar Shaw

    Villgro presents Unconvention|Speaker Series Bangalore, a monthly social enterprise event where you get to learn from experts on various topics that will help build your business, and connect with a network of opportunities, resources and people. This august 7th, we bring you “An Evening with Kiran Mazumdar Shaw.”

    The keynote address will explore how advances in medical technologies can be used to alleviate some of the key problems that India faces in improving public health outcomes. This will be followed by a fireside chat on specific issues faced by social enterprises in the healthcare context.


    Time Session
    6.00 – 6.10 Introduction & Context Setting
    6.10 – 6.40 Leapfrogging healthcare delivery through MedTech.
    6.40 – 7.10 Fireside Chat with Kiran Mazumdar Shaw,
    Chairperson and MD, Biocon Limited, 
    moderated by Arun Venkatesan, CTO, Villgro
    Innovations Foundation.
    7.10 – 7.30 Audience Q&A
    7.30 – 8.00 Tea & Networking
    Speaker, Speaker
  • Hyderabad, India - 1 Day
    August 5

    An Afternoon with Rashmi Bansal


    Villgro presents Unconvention|Speaker Series Hyderabad, a bi-monthly social enterprise event where you get to learn from experts on various topics that will help build your business, and connect with a network of opportunities, resources and people.

    Time Session
    2:00-2:15 Registration
    2:15-2:30 Welcome Address
    2:30-3:20 Fireside Chat with Rashmi Bansal, Bestselling Author

    moderated by PR Ganapathy – President, Villgro Innovations Foundation

    3:20-3:45 Audience Q&A
    3:45-4:30 Closing Remarks & networking tea
    Speaker, Speaker, Speaker
  • San Francisco, CA - 1 Day
    August 8

    Finance Meets Activism: Panel + Networking + Nibbles

    More than ever, we are seeking to make improvements in our communities and the world, while holding businesses accountable for their actions. We act with our ballot, consumer choices and social media. Yet thanks to recent technologies, our personal finances may now prove to be our most powerful weapon to drive change.

    San Francisco is at the heart of this fintech + social change revolution, using software to bypass intermediaries and empower our dollars. Will this California trend prove to be the ultimate Wall St. disruptor? Across lending, banking, and investing, attendees will learn from founders at the bleeding edge, with personal finance innovations that are universally accessible and uncompromising in their impact.

    The session is also about experiencing this future: through an interactive exercise, networking, learning, and discussion, we’ll come to understand the biggest sources of impact and power in our lives, and walk away with new tools to shape the world.


    1. Introduction & Ice Breaker: Where is Your Impact? – Darrell Jones III, Co Founder, TechEquity Collaborative
    2. Keynote: Unlocking Shareholder Power – Andy Behar, CEO, As You Sow
    3. Group Exercise: Mapping Your Impacts, Imagining the Future – Emma Guttman-Slater, Strategic Communications Director, Beneficial State Bank; Josh Levin, Co Founder, OpenInvest
    4. Panel: Breakthroughs in Personal Finance & Social Change
      1. Jase Wilson, CEO, Neighborly
      2. Cat Berman, CEO, CNote
      3. Josh Levin, CSO, OpenInvest
    Speaker, Speaker, Speaker, Speaker, Workshop
  • Arusha, Tanzania - 4 Days
    August 27

    TEDGlobal 2017 – Tanzania

    Ten years on, TEDGlobal returns to Africa. Since our 2007 conference in Arusha, Tanzania, the continent has experienced spectacular economic, demographic and creative growth, and has made exciting progress toward its rightful place in the world. Yet many African nations are beset by challenges. And the stakes have never been higher. As populations continue to surge, both opportunity and danger are rising.

    At TEDGlobal 2017, we’ll bring together an incredible group of speakers who can collectively help shape how this plays out. Dreamers and doers. Technologists and entrepreneurs. Business leaders and creatives. The event ten years ago felt like history in the making. The ideas and connections forged then have had untold impact. We want to reignite those sparks and invite anyone passionate about the future of Africa, and the future of the world to come and be part of something special. TEDGlobal2017: “Builders. Truth-Tellers. Catalysts.”

    Speaker, Speaker, Speaker, Speaker, Workshop, Conference, Speaker
  • London, UK / Online - 1 Day
    August 16

    ODI in conversation with Rajiv Shah

    President of the Rockefeller Foundation and former Administrator of the United States Agency for International Development, Rajiv Shah, joins ODI in conversation on the major global challenges of our time – and his vision of how we can tackle them.

    Speaker, Speaker, Speaker, Speaker, Workshop, Conference, Speaker, Speaker
  • London, UK - 1 Day
    July 4

    Innovation in Inclusive Finance

    Power of digital in reaching the unbanked

    Join us for the flagship Financial Inclusion Forum and EY event that will delve into the recent trends and developments in inclusive finance through the lens of impact investors, local practitioners and FinTechs. Two interactive panels featuring industry leaders and movers and shakers will facilitate the discussion, with a networking reception to follow.

    EY’s Jon Shepard will be discussing perspective of investors with Nadeem Shaikh (Anthemis), Suzanne Biegel (Catalyst At Large) and Jonathan Whittle (Quona Capital). Mark Scott of New York Times will lead a conversation with Norah Prida (New Finance), Hamish Thomas (EY Payments Lead) and Virraj Jatania (Pockit) on FinTech realities in expanding access to underserved populations.

    We hope you can join us at what’s looking to be a great event with a challenging and exciting line up of topics and attendees. We look forward to seeing you there.

    Speaker, Speaker, Speaker, Speaker, Workshop, Conference, Speaker, Speaker, Conference, Speaker
  • London, England - 1 Day
    June 13

    Acumen Debates: Are Social Entrepreneurs Letting Governments Off the Hook?

    Speaker, Speaker, Speaker, Speaker, Workshop, Conference, Speaker, Speaker, Conference, Speaker, Speaker
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