Francisco Noguera

Executive Development Program: “Inclusive and Sustainable Business: Creating Markets with the Poor”

The World Bank GroupThe World Bank Institute is hosting an executive development program titled “Inclusive and Sustainable Business: Creating Markets with the Poor“, aimed at business executives interested in the design of business strategies with the BoP.

The curriculum includes various interesting topics, including strategies to reach the 4 billion at the base of the pyramid, the role of multi-stakeholder partnerships, aligning business strategies with the development agenda, and more.

From the program’s website:

“The program is designed for business executives from larger companies responsible for managing business in emerging and developing economies, as well as public sector leaders, donor agency executives, civil society organization representatives, and staff from international development agencies who are actively interested and engaged in involving the private sector in meeting development goals.”

It’s interesting to hear about this kind of programs, yet another sign that BoP business models are increasingly becoming mainstream.The program will be hosted between the 9th and the 13th of June, and early registration is encouraged.Via WBCSD