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SOCAP14 is the world’s leading conference on impact investing and social enterprise. Held at San Francisco’s Fort Mason Center from Sept. 2-5, SOCAP14 will unite innovators in business, tech, the sharing economy, health, philanthropy, and more to advance environmental and social causes.

This year’s theme “Igniting Vibrant Communities” challenges us all to look for vibrant communities when seeking evidence of successful impact. SOCAP has convened 10,000+ innovators from 70+ countries at the intersection of money and meaning since its founding in 2008.

SOCAP (Social Capital Markets) is dedicated to increasing the flow of capital toward social good. Its approach emphasizes cross-sector convening and gathers voices across a broad spectrum to catalyze unexpected connections. From the leading edge to established players, SOCAP brings together global innovators, investors, foundations, governments, institutions, and social entrepreneurs to build the world we want to leave to future generations. The conference actively seeks out opportunities to accelerate the market at the intersection of money and meaning and, in pursuit of that goal, have convened more than 10,000 people since its founding in 2008.

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Just a few of the confirmed speakers include:

  • Douglas Atkin, Airbnb
  • Dan Schulman, American Express
  • Ali Partovi, Angel Investor
  • Cathy Clark, CASE at Duke
  • Arjan Schütte, Core Innovation Capital
  • Vineet Rai, Intellecap
  • Matt Bannick, Omidyar Network
  • Leila Janah, Samasource
  • Judith Rodin, The Rockefeller Foundation
  • Fred Blackwell, The San Francisco Foundation

The full line-up of speakers can be found here and the complete schedule of panels and all other SOCAP14 related events can be found here.

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Topics you can expect at SOCAP14:


Impact Investing

Exciting developments from entrepreneurs, government, the private sector, and leading foundations over the past year will be explored, along with discussions of what infrastructure and field building is still to come.



We take a deeper look at the inspiration behind efforts to ignite vibrant communities, including personal experience, values, faith, vision, and more. Meaning anchors the social capital markets and provides the North Star to individuals.


Food Systems

Explore market opportunities in building more sustainable and resilient food systems. We will look globally at how impact investment can support the large market shifts necessary to support sustainable food systems in the face of population growth and climate change. We will then zoom in on the local level to understand the connections of food, health, and economic empowerment and the gaps and opportunities for farmers, entrepreneurs, and investors within the food system.


Sharing Economy

The sharing economy represents a shift towards a new community-driven economic model, with people collaborating, sharing and renting access to goods and services, rather than simple “ownership.” How do we ensure that accessibility and equitability are at the foundation of this new market system? What types of community-sourced capital and governance do start-ups in the collaborative economy need? And what are the corresponding investment models and opportunities?



Building from last year’s theme and our recent SOCAP Health conference, we look at the challenges and opportunities of creating better health outcomes for people globally. Innovative approaches to improving health outcomes through low-cost interventions are on the verge of unprecedented scale and impact. Systems and solutions from the developing world are being used to reform a costly US healthcare system, while new technologies and creative financing are extending care to previously underserved populations around the world.


Financial Inclusion

Critical to igniting vibrant communities, financial inclusion is a foundation of sustainable development, both domestically and abroad. Technology, behavioral research and user-centered design are coming together to dramatically change the landscape of financial services for the poor.



In the face of rapid global change, we must plan and build so that our cities, natural ecosystems, and personal sustainability are resilient. Understanding the design of resilient systems and the leading thinking to prepare for an unknown future will be the focus of these sessions.


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