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Friday Roundup – 10/15/10: New Links in the Patient Capital Curve

USAID’s Rajiv Shah delivered the closing keynote last Friday at the Columbia Business School, and before he started I thought I knew exactly what he was going to say. He had spoken at the ANDE Conference just a few days before, and Heather’s post had given me an excellent summary of his remarks. It turned the speech was quite different and loaded with a remarkable announcement: the launch of USAID’s Development Innovation Ventures Program and unveiling of the first group of grantees of the initiative.

USAID is but one of two major players that recently joined the “patient capital curve”; as Rob reported, venture capitalist Vinod Khosla also announced the creation of a new fund focused on innovations that serve the poor, building on the proceeds of his very profitable investment in SKS Microfinance a few years back. In sum, two new players have joined the space and bring with them unprecedented capacity for leverage; their investments and results can unlock unprecedented resources looking for game-changing innovations in the developing world.

These two anouncements also strengthen different parts of the “patient capital curve”. If the first round of grants is any indicationz for the future, USAID’s DIV Program will focus primarily on early stage “high-risk, high-return” ventures. Khosla’s investment profile remains to be seen, but it will likely target ventures that are at a relatively more mature stage. As both initiatives show results, the formation of additional parts of the chain is to be expected; perhaps a BoP private equity fund will be the fundamental consolidation event for this vibrant industry.

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