Francisco Noguera

Friday Roundup – 1/21/11: Support Your Favorite Unreasonable Entrepreneur

The Unreasonable Marketplace opened to the public yesterday, featuring the finalists in the race to participate in the Unreasonable Institute this summer in Boulder Colorado. Over the next month and a half, 45 social enterprises from around the world will rally for our support! That’s right, it’s up to us to decide who makes it to the Institute. Each one of the 45 finalists are raising $8,000 to support their attendance to the program, and the first 25 to make it will be the ones actually attending. So go ahead, make your pick and donate! I’ve made mine already; which one is yours?

It’s frankly amazing to see the how far Unreasonable Institute has come in such a short time. Most remarkable is the job done by the founding team cultivating a vibrant community of entrepreneurs, mentors and investors, and crafting a model of incubation and acceleration of social ventures that is bringing together many of the best and brightest in our growing industry. My winter hat is off, again, to the entrepreneurs behind this incredible effort.

In case you missed it: NextBillion this week

    Make sure you don’t miss it! Upcoming events and opportunities

    NYU just announced its first Symposium on Social Innovation. Their committment to exploring these questions from an interdisciplinary perspective continues to impress me. I’m planning to be there next February 11 so let me know if you will too!

    Harvard’s Social Enterprise Conference also announced its date for March 5 and 6. Put it on your calendars, as well as Yale’s Conference on Global Health and Innovation which is coming up in April.

    Any other events we should be aware of? Please send them our way!