Rob Katz

Friday Self-Props: Treehugger and Worldchanging

Pat on the BackI?m not much for public ego boosting, but a couple newsworthy items regarding the crew have come up today, and I figured some of y?all would be interested.

First, Derek Newberry’s latest post, “TV Hit Proves Sustainability Will ’Win in China” has been named by Treehugger as its “favorite green of the week.” Check out the original post on NextBillion as well as the feature on Treehugger. Nice work, Derek!

Second, it’s official: I’ve been asked by Worldchanging to be a regular contributor over there, in addition to my work on NextBillion and research at WRI. This is an honor for me personally and is a testament to our readers, who have helped grow this site from virtually nothing 12 months ago into what it is today. Check out the official announcement and some of the other folks who make up the Worldchanging team.