Rob Katz

Global Philanthropy Forum 2007 – Leveraging Markets and Entrepreneurship

Global Philanthropy ForumMomentum continues to build for business’ role in development.? The venerable Global Philanthropy Forum will hold its annual, invitation-only conference from April 11 to 13 of this year.? The conference’s title?? Financing Social Change: Leveraging Markets and Entrepreneurship.? Previous years’ topics have focused more on philanthropy; this year the Forum has caught on to the growing trend of ’philanthropreneurship’ (apologies to The New York Times for that one), a blended approach to giving that focuses on building profitable, sustainable businesses.

The agenda looks great; so does the speaker list.? Climate change, health, and poverty are primary breakout topics; the Forum obviously understands the cross-sectoral impacts at play.? These sessions are complemented by keynotes and plenaries by notable leaders in each field, giving attendees a blend of high-level thought and detailed action planning.? Confirmed speakers include NextBillion allies Kurt Hoffman (Shell Foundation), Mary Ellen Iskendarian (Women’s World Banking), Tim Wirth (U.N. Foundation), and other notables.Check it out–and hope for an invitation soon.? If not, be sure to browse previous years’ content, including a speech by Bill Clinton at last year’s Forum.