Ana Escalante

GlobalGiving Decision Markets: Looking for Speculators!

Global Giving logoGlobalGiving, the online charity marketplace that we’ve blogged about before, has launched a new “prediction market” online. They are looking for a “master speculators.”

Much like eBay’s approach to online commerce, GlobalGiving is changing the way people give. We work with a network of well-run organizations and carefully research their projects – gathering detailed information on the project leaders, as well as the projects’ objectives and expected outcomes. Then, we make it simple for you to give to these projects and track the impact of your generosity.Anyone can browse through the different organizations in their database and help others around the world. By playing in the prediction market, you help determine which projects should graduate to the full GlobalGiving website. There project leaders can connect to thousands of interested donors and potential partners, and can fundraise for their work.

“The Prediction Market” is available for you to participate until August 31.

A prediction market (decision market) is a speculative market designed to make predictions on the outcome of a particular event. It is like a stock market where people buy and sell shares of ?projects stock? instead of company stocks.

On August 31, the projects that qualify will be added to the GlobalGiving website database and will be able to start fundraising. After a few months, the ’traders’ that speculated accurately will receive awards.