Rob Katz

Growing Inclusive Markets and Creative Capitalism

Heat Map South AfricaTwo quick notes: First, the Growing Inclusive Markets Initiative at the UN Development Program formally launched their report called Creating Value for All. In it, you’ll find some policy prescriptions, case studies, a strategy matrix and – perhaps most interesting – heat maps. Hat tip to PSD Blog’s Ryan Hahn for finding and posting one of these heat maps (in this case, of cell phone penetration in South Africa.)

Of course, the data on this particular heat map are from 2000, which means they are likely from surveys conducted in 1998 or 1999. When looking at cell phone penetration – which has grown at breakneck rates over the past 10 years in developing countries like South Africa – the heat map is basically useless because it’s so out of date. Not so with other basic infrastructure – running water, electricity, transportation, etc. – but don’t expect these heat maps to solve all your market research needs.Editor’s note: Please see comment below for a correction to the previous paragraph.

Second, also via PSD Blog (this time, in an e-mail from PSD emeritus Pablo Halkyard) a blog called Creative Capitalism. Here you will find a number of notable economists debating Bill Gates’ call for more socially responsible business practices. Reading it, you can’t help but wonder where Milton Friedman would side in the debate. Actually, we probably already know, but still…

Anyway, big thanks to PSD Blog and to Sahba at UNDP for sending this solid content over.