Rob Katz

Guide to low-income markets: Solutions Mosaic

Changemakers? Solutions Mosaic provides us with a usefulvisual when it comes to business models that work in low-income markets. The mosaic (it probably ought to be called a matrix instead, but oh well) hasboth X and Y axes; they list distinguishing features of low-income markets and correspondingbusiness principles that are emerging to address them. At the intersection of each row/column,Changemakers provides a link to an enterprise using the business model inquestion to address that column’s feature. CEMEX, Casas Bahia, and the Aravind Eye Hospital are among the stalwart enterprises listed; others may not have appeared on your radar quite yet. All in all, a very cool tool–check it out. As an aside, what rows or columns would you like to seeadded to the Mosaic?

(via WorldChanging – thanks, Alex!)